Fake it till you make it – yes or no?

Lately I’ve been seeing pushback on social media regarding the (in)famous expression “fake it till you make it”, and it got me thinking about the different ways in which we fake it, and which of them are useful. I’m sure we’ve all heard this term in some context or other, and I think the pushback... Continue Reading →

Test walk 1 – 23 km

Distance: 23.28 km Time: 4h57m Speed: 4.68 kmph Calories burned: who gives a flying fuck?! After a relaxing weekend away I decided to take the shoes I bought last week for a test run, or more accurately, walk. This was the first time I wore them for more than a couple of kilometres, so starting... Continue Reading →

BoPo walk – an introduction

Backstory One morning in May I was out running, and seemingly out of nowhere an idea fell into my head. What if I were to do a walk to promote body positivity, love and acceptance? I could walk from Amsterdam to Berlin. I’ve long wanted to see Berlin anyway (at this point I had absolutely... Continue Reading →

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