BoPoWalk day 28: Liepe to Nauen

Distance: 22 km Speed: 5,2 kmph Time: 4h10m Soundtrack: Radio Ga Ga by Queen Today was harder than expected. Partly because I expected it to be dry. It was not. I wouldn't be surprised if it rained just as much as yesterday, just in shorter and more intense bursts. So there was some running and... Continue Reading →

Sarah and the accidental rest day

So, today I was going to take the train across the river and only have to walk about 7-8 km, however through a misunderstanding I got picked up by my hosts at the train station. Either they didn't understand that my intention was to walk (it's kind of hard to explain without additional context why... Continue Reading →

BoPoWalk day 19: Celle to Hohne

Distance: 24 km Speed: 4,9 kmph Time: 4h55m Soundtrack: Pack Up by Eliza Dolittle I had a pretty good start to the day today, though I was reluctant to leave Celle and the puppies. Nevertheless, adventure beckoned. Weather conditions were quite perfect for walking, really. About 15 degrees and partly sunny. I took a chance... Continue Reading →

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