Modern Energy Tapping

In short

Modern energy tapping (also known as EFT) stimulates (positive) energy in the body. It is based on the same principles as acupuncture, however instead of sticking needles in the body we tap the same points gently with our fingers instead. Energy tapping can be used for a myriad of things – for instance treating stress, releasing something that is stuck in your energy system (feelings, experiences…), treating trauma, bringing clarity to underlying issues and as a motivational tool.

What is it?

Qi, or life energy, and the meridian system is the basis for the tapping process. Tapping on various points of the body stimulates the flow in the energy body and can help in dealing with emotions, questions, trauma and even physical sensations. If we are feeling stressed or angry, if our muscles are tight, if our jaw is clenched, these can all be related to blockages in our energy system, and by helping the energy start to flow again, we can release the emotional or physical tension and start to change how we feel in mind and body.

While Modern Energy Tapping cannot cure physical pain or illness, it can help with the energetic component of the issue and it can help change how we feel about problems.

The goal is to evolve our energy from the minus side of the SUE (subjective units of energy) scale to as high on the plus side as you can come. If we get high enough onto the plus side of the scale, energy tapping has the potential to completely change our outlook.

The method

In the Guild of Energists, we use the same tapping pattern for any issue, which makes it easy to remember, while still hitting all the major points.


Before we start to do any kind of tapping we try to determine where we currently are on the SUE scale. And as we go through the process we check back in now and then to see if we have moved further up the scale (sometimes we will experience that we move down on the scale before we are able to move upwards). The goal is to reach a +7 or higher, with the ultimate goal being to reach a +10. This is when we get into what is called a healing event, and we truly change the way we feel about the problem. When you reach a healing event you will be able to feel it. The problem has lifted, or shifted – you feel differently about it and it no longer takes up the same energy.

The SUE scale as shown below goes from a -10 (where we’re so low on energy that we are basically comatose) to a +10 (which is almost a state of enlightenment). However, bear in mind that it stands for subjective units of energy, so your plus 10 might very well be different from someone else’s – you are the only one who can be the judge of that.

SUE scale

What I find very interesting about this image of the SUE scale is the minus 7 position. Around here our energy spikes and our bodies draw on the very last reserve they have in order to try and power through. So we might seem like we are functioning normally and we get things done, but the feeling you have at a minus 7 is very different from a plus 7. If you stay in this position for a longer period of time, you will get burned out. Which is exactly what happened to me, and which also explains why I was still working hard and getting stuff done right up until the very end where I had to go on sick leave.

A practical example using body positivity

When we tap we focus on a positive energy that will help with the issue we are dealing with. So let us say that what we are tapping on is the problem of hating our body. We first need to determine where on the SUE scale we are in relation to this problem. It is a pretty big problem with potentially wide-reaching consequences, so it would make sense that we are somewhere below minus 5. We will also try and focus on if we can feel this problem somewhere in our physical body. Does it give us a stomach ache, and if so what kind of ache is it? Does it make our jaw clench and how does that feel? Once we have established where we are and how it feels, we find an energy that is best suited to help with this feeling. This energy can really be anything that feels right for you. But some suggestions could be “love”, “acceptance”, or “confidence”. When we have found the right energy, we place our hands in the heart position (as shown in the diagram above), take three deep breaths in while we focus on this energy, saying the word out loud and trying to feel the energy in our body. Then we start the tapping round, all the while saying the energy out loud and focusing on our breathing. At the end of each tapping round we go back to the heart position and check in with ourselves. Where are we on the scale now, and do we want to keep tapping on the same energy, or has it changed? And we keep going until our energy gets as high as we can possibly get it.

This is definitely something you can try for yourself, though getting a few coaching sessions can help you a lot in defining the issues you’re working on, tuning in to where you are on the scale and which energies you can utilise to get further. Plus, there are a lot of different things you can use tapping for.

Different uses for energy tapping

What I’ve described above is a fairly basic energy tapping routine, which can be very effective. However you will often find that an issue comes back – maybe having evolved and coming back in a different form, before you can truly move on from it.

When dealing with complex issues there are a number of different energy tapping protocols you can use. For instance we can use the past aspect protocol to deal with issues or traumas that have happened in the past, the future aspect protocol to help with things we have yet to deal with and the guiding star protocol to help treat the reasons underlying addiction and OCD-like behaviours. If you want to know more about what you can use energy tapping for, feel free to contact me.

There are a myriad of other ways you can utilise energy tapping to help with all kinds of stress and negativity. If you can imagine it, you can probably use energy tapping to help with it. Don’t be afraid to be curious and ask questions about your energy system. Try to learn to tune into it on a daily basis.

Heart meditation for stress relief

Below you can see a video I have made for a simple stress relief meditation using the heart position from MET.

Curious about energy tapping but not sure if it’s for you? Don’t hesitate to book a free introductory session of 15-20 minutes where you’re free to ask any questions you have about energy tapping, body positivity, your specific issue, or basically anything you like. You can use the booking calendar in the right hand margin or send me an email.

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