BoPoWalk day 16: Steimbke to Marklendorf

Distance: 25 km

Speed: 5 kmph

Time: 5 h

It’s funny, every night when I sit down to write, I have to think: where am I again now? Where was I this morning? I wonder, does one ever get used to this?

Today, instead of EOTD Sarah you get Bath Sarah. And Bath Sarah is
definitely one of the superior Sarahs.

There is something magical about a hot bath, especially when you’ve been outside doing physical activity all day.

I feel soft and clean and warm, and like everything is going to be OK.

I am still a bit worried about my feet and I have some disturbing pictures of them that I’m not posting because I don’t want you all to vomit. But I’m hoping the fact that I got here quite early so my feet get some more rest, combined with a hot bath (and maybe another before bed or in the morning.. ) and another night of Farmer Oliver’s herb compress will help.

Tomorrow I do have almost 30 km again, but then I get my next rest day in a town called Celle. Huzzah! I’ll be staying in somebody’s house there, so hopefully there’ll be some more interesting people to chat with.

Right now I have a big-ass house to myself, which is also nice in a different way. It’s also slightly unsettling to be alone in a big and unfamiliar house. There’s all sorts of sounds you’re not used to, clicking and humming.

Today was honestly kind of uneventful. It rained in the morning for a couple hours, but only a light rain, which spurred me on. There were few places that were convenient to sit down so I just kept walking most of the time. Basically along the same road 95% of the way here. Dull, but quick.

And now I’ve just had a prefab chili that I bought because I didn’t feel like making a meal and there’s nothing nearby. It did the trick. That’s the kind of day it has been I guess – a medium day. A utility day. Except for the bath, which was glorious. And so was eating chocolate in the bath. Would recommend.

I’m interested to see what Celle will be like, and hope I have some energy the day after tomorrow to have a poke about.

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