BoPoWalk day 4: Kampen Zuid to Nieuwleusen (reverse)

Predicted distance: 30 km
Actual distance: 30,5 km
Time: 6h 40m
Speed: 4,6 kmph
Soundtrack: Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

So yes I didn’t reverse yesterday but decided to do it today as heavy rainfall was predicted and frankly the less time I have to sit with wet clothes on public transport, the better. And boy was that a good idea!

Not only because there was indeed a lot of rain, but – as those who have seen my IG post will know, it gave me a much needed positive start to the day after feeling kind of down and out last night.

I started out walking along a beautiful country road, where there were cute thatched houses with shutters for the windows and apple trees and flowers in the gardens, even several enclosures of grazing and frolicking deer. And that good old bastion of Dutchness – the windmill (but the cute old-fashioned kind this time):

deer2thatched housewindmill

Basically it was a Dutch Disney movie.

And I am thankful that I got my fairytale moment (or hour actually), because things got a lot worse from there.

My feet are giving me more and more trouble every day, so the pain starts in earlier, and I spent hours hobbling along the motorway in the rain. It was… Rough. I’m sort of rethinking the rain poncho, as though it does let me move more freely than a full jacket and pants, it is also quite open, and in this windy country that leaves me a little more exposed than I’d like. So I pretty much got completely soaked. And after hours of that, when it finally stopped, and I was starting to get dry again, one final shower came down just before I reached the train station as a fuck you.

But, I survived this too. And every day I get through, I feel a little stronger, and a little surer that I can do this. I’m still hoping that the transformation will come, and that at some point it stops getting harder – and, dare I say it? Maybe even gets easier? That being said I have yet to walk a full day with my big pack. And my feet now hurt so bad that my gait is starting to resemble that of Tom, the hobbling barkeep of the Leaky Cauldron.

On the third hand, I didn’t think I was going to make it through yesterday, or today…

Oh, and in case this weather left anyone in doubt – autumn has definitely begun:


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