Food strategies

I have a new water reservoir now and it fills from the top, so I’m hoping it’ll be sturdier and break less easily. It was 15 euros more expensive, but that’s a small price to pay for some peace of mind.

Maybe because I’m an HSP or maybe because of my history with ED, hunger is quite triggering/challenging for me too, so I also want to be able to feel as food secure as possible. Which is why I accept the tradeoff in added weight to be able to feel like whatever happens I could survive for a while on the food I have with me. I don’t imagine it’ll be much of an issue. It’s mainly an anxiety aid.

All in all I’ll be carrying something like 10,000 calories with me, divided across Wasa sandwiches, mixed unsalted nuts, dried apricots and prunes, and protein bars. I also plan to have an apple or two on me at any given time as it’s a handy fruit to carry, I like them, and they tend to help tide me over between meals more so than other fruits. It may be slightly overkill, but it makes me feel safer.

And I do need to be thrifty as most of my budget goes to housing, so it’s good to have some calorie rich snacks handy.

Speaking of which.. I am someone who aims to eat mainly vegetarian and probably do 80% or so of the time normally. Since starting intuitive eating I have discovered that having rules around food restrictions doesn’t work for me even if it’s based around ethical/environmental concerns. If I tell myself I cannot have meat it becomes a guilt food that I’ll “crack” and end up eating and feeling bad about, so instead I let myself have it once in a while without judgement, when I’m really craving it. I know that I eventually would like to move away from meat completely – ideally I would be vegan, but I’m not a perfect human being, and food is a complicated thing for me, and this is where I’m at right now. I accept that.

During this trip however, because of limited resources and limited options I’m just going to focus on getting food that is cheap and filling. If there’s a reasonable veg option available I will probably still pick that, but it’s not my main priority.

I also have 8 bookings that include breakfast, so another strategy is to fill up in the morning on food I’ve already paid for. And it could be a good time to make sure I get some fruit and veg, as that’s quite often part of a hotel/B&B breakfast. Fortunately I’m one of those people who’s usually hungry in the morning.

Generally I think there’s very little chance that I’ll go hungry, but I also think most of the preparation for a journey like this is mental, and if I feel like I have enough food and water, and I have my maps and my spreadsheet and my mobile phone I’ll feel as ready as  I can.

I realise by the way that there’s some measure of doom and gloom in my posts recently. For what it’s worth I do still think I’m very lucky to be able to go on this journey, I’m just really nervous about it all. I think once I start walking for real I will calm down. OR have a full blown panic attack. Time will tell. 😉

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