Walk slowly and carry a big pack (AKA 18 km with 18 kg)

Distance: 18 km
Time: 4h
Speed: 4.5 kmph
Soundtrack: Bohemen Leve by Postgirobygget (Norwegian rock)

This was only my third longest test walk, but it was the first one where I was carrying some real weight. I actually had a 5 kg dumbell and a big-ass book of Van Gogh paintings weighing in at 3 kg in my pack along with a bunch of winter coats and 3 litre bottles of water to make sure it was at least as heavy as it would be during my walk to Berlin. I’m actually hoping my pack will be a few kg lighter as I’m not carrying camping equipment (apart from maybe a hammock).


I would say it went fairly well. And I met this little green guy, which was pretty cool. I did sort of circle closer to home in case I suddenly felt like it was getting too much, and I did turn around a km sooner than I had intended because my feet were starting to hurt. I think I learnt it’s not a great idea to push through that when I don’t have to. Also it wasn’t quite as slow as my average would indicate as I forgot to pause my tracker when I sat down to eat lunch for 10-15 minutes.

So my feet are a bit sore and my shoulders and back as well, but not too bad. Could I do it again tomorrow? Yes. Would I want to? Meh. But if I was walking to Berlin I think I’d muster the enthusiasm, because it is after all an amazing experience even though I’m sure there will be plenty of times during the journey when I’ll regret it.

And yes I am still planning for Berlin. I’m not sure how I’m going to get there and what my feet will be like, but this is after all the epic adventure that I first set out to go on. And I feel like my message of love and acceptance for all bodies will be amplified with each kilometre I walk. By the time I get to Berlin, surely the whole world must have heard it? 😉


I could definitely still use some help though. If you haven’t donated already and would like to, go back my campaign at http://igg.me/at/bopowalk. If you know of any cheap or free housing options along the route, please email me (I’m going to dig into couchsurfing over the next few days so hopefully there will be some options there). If you want to join (part of) the walk and want more information, also email me! I understand it’s hard to commit to something like this particularly when I don’t have hard and fast details posted, but they will come. And if you live along the route and want to come tag along for an hour after work or on the weekend, you are more than welcome! I expect I’ll start most days around 10:00 AM.


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