Test walk 2 – rain, pain and blackberries

Distance: 19.36 km
Time: 4h14m
Speed: 4.57 kmph
Soundtrack: Rammstein – Ich Will

So I was not looking forward to today’s walk for several reasons. I’m on my period and it was scheduled to rain all day. But I told myself that on the way to Berlin I would surely encounter more or less these exact conditions so I might as well try and get a feel for them. The third reason I was not terribly keen was that my little toes have been quite sore ever since my walk on Monday.

Well, I patched myself up a little, put a rain poncho over my backpack and out I stepped. And boy did it hurt. I mean like already the first step was pretty much “owowow my toes!”. I considered turning back several times within the first 5 km, but told myself I better go on a bit, as surely I’d also encounter pain during the actual walk and then I wouldn’t have the option to just turn back.


Now I don’t have a very high threshold for pain  – I’ve heard it attributed to HSPs, but I also know HSPs who have very high pain thresholds, so it could also be a Sarah thing. So I don’t generally subscribe to “no pain, no gain”. I do enjoy a few aches the day after a hard workout, as I feel it means I made an effort, but generally pain is a thing I try to avoid. So this was kind of a rough trip.

Though I guess there is something to be said for the “it’s all in your head” thing, as not long after those 5 km I started to manage to push through it and just walk. The exception being any time I stopped – even for a minute – and then started walking again. At some point I thought my toe had actually exploded.

I wasn’t actually fussed about the rain. You get wet and you get on with it. Plus it looked really lush and green out and smelled amazing. And I had pretty good cover under a tree for my lunch break. It’s definitely a different mood than walking in the sun though. I would have expected that I’d walk faster in the rain but I guess the whole toe debacle prevented that.


Though I enjoyed parts of today’s walk – the scenery in particular, it did worry me a little that it was such a struggle. I think I only got through the last 5 km thanks to Rammstein on my Bluetooth headphones and the sweet, juicy blackberries I picked along the way. Could I have gone another 5-15 km today? I don’t think so. Maybe, if I really didn’t have any other options. I am hoping that my feet will heal properly and get used to the shoes, though I may have bitten over more than I can chew here.


So, because of this concern and the fact that my current funding level is at 30%, I am starting to consider plan B.

Plan B is going from Amsterdam to Antwerp, with a detour along the coast, making it roughly 200 km. Which is something I could do in 2 weeks with less extreme dailies, and maybe even at the current funding level. Plus, as I think I’ve established before: Sarah + sea = happiness.

I’ve not completely abandoned the Berlin plan though, and will see how things go over the next week. Rather than a let-down it honestly feels good to have a plan B and to know that I am not failing, I am just making adjustments to make sure I will be able to complete my project one way or another.

Upwards and onwards,

xx Sarah



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